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Tutor Storm provides students with the confidence, knowledge and skills they need to succeed in any academic endeavour! 

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Lab Reports

We can help you write perfect lab reports for Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Psychology, Physical Education and more!

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Humanities Essays

Let your essays write themselves. Our talented team of tutors can write your essays to perfection for English, Literature, Phylosophy, Legal Studies and more! 

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Math Assignments

Math assignments can be hard, but we have many talented Math tutors that can blitz through your Math and Engineering assignments.  

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Group Projects

Group assignments can be a drag when your team members don’t cooperate. Why endure the headache, let us finish your project for you! 

All assignments, all levels

We can help with any assignment.  

We can help you complete any assignment for any subject, quickly and to an exceptional standard.

Get in touch and we can discuss how you want us to approach the task – we can complete independently or we can guide you through it. 


Assignment Help in Melbourne

We recognise that not everyone wants private tuition. Sometimes you need help with a single assignment.

 Are you losing sleep over a project that’s been bugging you for days? Have you procrastinated and feel overwhelmed with the amount of work still to do? Has your school scheduled everything in 1 week?

Fear not, we’re here to help! Tutor Storm has many qualified tutors that can assist you with your course work. Our approach can be as hands free as you want it to be, or we can complete your assignment ourselves giving you all the down time you need to manage your stress.  

Assignment Help FAQs

Why get Assignment Help?

Assignment help is a valuable tool to help you succeed in school and university. We are able to help you reach your potential in a number of ways.

For instance, many students have difficulties understanding the questions posed in their assignments, and consequently fail to answer them correctly. We will guide you through your assignment and help you understand exactly what your assessor is looking for. 

Through our assignment help service, we are also able to to open your eyes to your curriculum. It’s common for students to have holes in their knowledge of the curriculum, which can quickly snowball and cause problems later on. Our assignment help service helps you understand what you’re missing. Our tutors will pinpoint your weaknesses, which can help you identify areas you’ll need to revise for your final exam. 

Which assignments can you help with?

There are many types of assignments. Each subject has a unique series of assessments. Generally, however, they can be broken down into several different categories.


Essays are typical assignments in the humanities. They require a structured response in a predetermined style. Essays can be challenging to write as they require not only lengthy, well supported arguments; but also phenomenal language use.

Lab reports

Lab reports are assessments used in science subjects. They are structured to answer a specific hypothesis. They are based on practical work conducted in class, typically requiring a graphical representation of results followed by a lengthy discussion based on previous knowledge in a scientific field.

It can be difficult to justify the results in these assignments, especially with the practical did not go to plan or had unexpected results. You need to be creative and justify results, even if they make no sense at all!

Math assignments

Math projects typically present a problem that needs immense working using mathematical principles learned in class. Often they require proofs and can present an enormous headache. Messing up in a single line of working can collapse the entire project. That’s why math assignments are especially troublesome and should be reviewed by professionals.

Group Projects

Group assignments are perhaps the most dreaded of them all! Has your team completely abandoned you? Well we’re here to make things right. We will collaborate with your team to fill your part of the bargain. We can also check their work too, to make sure they you aren’t dragged down by incompetent teammates.

What level of assignments can you complete?

We are able to complete both high school and university level assignments. We have tutors available in just about every subject, giving us a unique capacity to complete a wide range of different assignments.

How does it work?

Email us your assignment along with details regarding the due date, criteria and if you would like us to complete the assignment independently or in collaboration with you. Depending on how long we think your assignment will take, and the level of study, we will get back to you with a quote.

We highly recommend we work collaboratively with you to complete the assignment as this will help you better understand the assignment. This will not only make you better prepared for other assessments, including the final exam, but will also help you to stand scrutiny if your teacher decides to ask you questions about your work.

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