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Biology Private Tutor in Melbourne

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Posted On September 6, 2020

What is Biology?

Biology is the science of life. It encapsulates all living organisms from microbes to blue whales, from fungi to ferns. It is the study of their inner workings, their interactions with each other and their environment. Biology helps us make sense of medicine, pharmacology, ecosystems, genetics, evolution and much more.

It is fundamental to understanding the nature of the world from a perspective of empirical evidence, observation and experimentation. The knowledge acquired in biology, in conjunction with other sciences such as chemistry and physics, has given us the tools to do many wonderful things.

We have learned how to makes cheeses, create insulin and engineer drought resistant crops. We’ve learned how to cure disease and use nature to our advantage. As we speak, we are learning how to treat cancer and prevent genetic diseases.

Biology is so grand in scope that we have barely scratched the surface of what there is to know, precisely because we don’t know what we have not yet discovered. We deepest oceans remain unexplored, we have barely even started exploring our galactic neighbours, and there are countless species we are yet to discover – both microscopic and macroscopic.

VCE Biology

VCE Biology is the first real taste of biology that high school students get in Melbourne. VCE Biology is broken down into Units 1 and 2 and Units 3 and 4. Effectively Units 1 and 2 are Year 11 VCE Biology and Units 3 and 4 are Year 12 VCE Biology. Only Units 3 and 4 count towards ATAR and obtaining a study score.

VCE Biology is difficult. Students are bombarded by a huge amount of information and are expected to remember much of this. Many concepts are vaguely described due to limited time and the scope of the course, and in this primitive introduction students often find themselves lost as concepts are not given the detail they deserve.

VCE Biology covers such concepts as genetics, pedigrees, the immune system, evolution, photosynthesis, cellular respiration and much more. The emphasis on this subject is the use of scientific language, scientific report writing, and the tying together of biological concepts.


Biology at University

The University of Melbourne and many other universities offer biological science subjects through courses such as Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Applied Science, Bachelor of Nursing, Bachelor of Pharmacology, Bachelor of Biomedicine and Bachelor of Medicine.

The biological sciences offered here are specialised, however they only build on concepts learned in VCE Biology. These biological sciences offer more practical work and often touch on ideas that are only beginning to emerge in known medicine and biological science.

First year biology at university is typically similar for everyone. Only in second and third year do subjects become more and more specialised. Examples of biological majors include genetics, immunology, microbiology, physiology, anatomy, neuroscience, ecology, zoology and more!

Biology specialised Private Tutors

Biology can be overwhelming. The terms can be foreign, and the concepts can be hard to grasp, let alone connect. Many students struggle to grasp biology because the ideas are often not sufficiently broken down to something students can easily comprehend.

A private tutor can solve this problem. Private tutors for biology can help make difficult concepts accessible to struggling students by using easy to understand metaphors. Everything in biology can be equated to something students are already familiar with.

Biology private tutors also know your curriculum inside out. Have you ever asked, do I need to know that? Biology material is notorious because it is often unclear what is within the scope of study. Private tutors that specialise in biology have been in your shoes and have done the biology assignments, assessments, tests and exams before. They can readily tell you what will be examined and what is just there for intrigue.


Private Tutors for Biology in Melbourne

It can be difficult to find a qualified private tutor for biology in Melbourne. A biology tutor not only needs to be able to be patient when explaining difficult concepts, but also needs to have a gift for reducing the most complex ideas to easy to understand real world examples.

In Melbourne, the best tutors can be found only in specialised tutoring agencies – and only in the boutique ones. Many huge tutor listing sites have popped up that offer unvetted tutors with little to no experience. Hiring tutors off these sites is risky and can result in getting subpar tuition, and worse, misinformation that can jeopardise your child’s grades.

Tutor Storm is a small tutoring organisation that hires on the very best private tutors in Melbourne. Each tutor is proven to have experience, a perfect academic record, excellent communication skills, and is background checked before they are employed.

Written by Vic
Melbourne based Private Tutor, Writer and Business Owner with a passion for teaching and helping students succeed in their academic endevours.
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