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High School Tuition in Melbourne

Tutor Storm offers help to students from Year 7-12, including both VCE and IB subjects. We have tutors for a wide range of subjects all across Melbourne. 

Our dedicated and highly experienced tutors are some of the best in Melbourne, rigorously selected for their academic prowess, communication skills, experience, empathy and tutoring achievements. We are passionate about education and are determined to help you succeed!

We offer many different services in addition to traditional private tuition including: assignment help, career advise and personalised summary notes. 


The importance of tuition throughout secondary school

Secondary school is a vital time in a student’s life where results can make your dreams a reality or shatter them forever. Students simply don’t get a second opportunity to prove themselves and so it’s important to give yourself the ultimate competitive edge.

It’s worth considering tuition Secondary school is a particularly important time in a student’s life when some very important decisions need to be made. More than 25% of students receive private tuition, and these are the students that tend to excel the most.   

University offers are limited and are becoming increasingly so as more students compete for the limited places. It’s important to get guidance as to how best to approach what are perhaps, the most important years of your life. 


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