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Tutor Storm has tutors for primary school, high school and university. We tutor most most math, science, humanities and literacy subjects. 



Biology, Chemistry, Physical Education


Hi there!

My name is Victor, Head Tutor and Founder of Tutor Storm.

Having recently completed my Bachelor of Science at the University of Melbourne, and an Honours Year at the Walter Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research, I have come to appreciate science from both academic and research perspectives. A strong passion for teaching has been instilled in me while progressing through the highly intricate and often confusing world of science, where young scientists find refuge in cooperative learning.

It’s from this need for a haven of ideas, the shortfallings of the traditional time-poor schooling system, and the urgency for fast-track learning;  that I have decided to create Tutor Storm. My vision is to streamline science, to break it down into manageable morsels, and to guide students with a wealth of teaching experience through private tutoring.



Biology, Chemistry, Math Methods, Further Math


Hi there!

My name is Thomas and I am one of the tutors at Tutor Storm.

I am currently studying a Bachelor of Law with Honours and a Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences at Monash University. I graduated from high school in Tasmania with an ATAR of 98.55 with exceptional achievements in English Literature and the Physical Sciences in particular. I have been tutoring in Victoria since 2017, covering a wide range of subjects and grade levels (Both primary, secondary and VCE).

I have a strong passion for knowledge and my tutoring method reflects this. My aim is for my students to attain an in-depth and thorough understanding of each topic in an efficient manner so that they can have well-rounded knowledge from each of the variety of subjects they are interested in. Part of this approach is to remain adaptable so that the support and feedback the students receive are tailored to their individual needs to help improve their results and develop a passion for learning.



Psychology, English, Global Politics, Music Performance


Hi There!

My name is Rebecca

I am currently studying Psychology as part of a Bachelor of Arts at The University of Melbourne, with a concurrent Diploma in Music (Piano). I plan to explore primary teaching in the future. Further on, I aim to work in the education sector to help create positive change and better learning outcomes for Australian education.

I consider my approach to be enthusiastic, motivational and well-rounded. I value each student’s individual goals, and I tailor the program around what they want to achieve. I believe that with the right assistance and scaffolding of content, every student can thrive in VCE and beyond. I attempt to contextualise the VCE curriculum with real-world applications, in order to maximise students’ intrinsic motivation and interest in the topic. There’s always something interesting to gain from a subject; I want to help students to discover their curiosity and a passion for learning. My students have made wonderful progress from C grades to A+ grades. This comes with a renewed sense of confidence and motivation, which is always heartening to see!

english tutor melbourne



English, Media


Hi there,

My name is Max, one of the English and Media tutors at Tutor Storm.

Currently I’m studying a Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) at the University of Melbourne. I began at the start of 2019 and plan on continuing into a master’s degree in computer science, focusing on the more theoretical side of the field, potentially with a career in research.

Being an avid consumer of both film and literature myself, I see tutoring as an excellent outlet for helping students explore some of the most important ideas in the humanities via teaching techniques that are currently overlooked by the current education system. With my focus primarily being on helping students develop their own views on the texts they are studying through guided dialogues, brainstorms and paragraph writing practice. While at the same time communicating with my students beforehand about lesson plans.

vce english teacher



IB English Literature, IB Psychology, IB Visual Arts

Hi there!

My name is Ruby

I am currently completing a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Sociology and Politics at the University of Melbourne. I am passionate about English and Humanities and teaching gives me the opportunity to share this passion with others. I have over a year of experience tutoring high-school aged students and have been babysitting for several years, so I am confident and capable working with young people.

My approach to teaching is to engage students with the subject material in-depth to promote true understanding, rather than surface-level or rote-learnt knowledge. English can be a challenging subject for many students and improvement can be difficult to achieve without adequate support. Through private tuition I am able to provide detailed feedback and success strategies in order to improve students’ results and self-confidence.

literature teacher



Further Math, English

Hi there!

My name is John and I am one of the tutors at Tutor Storm.

I graduated from Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School in 2008, with study scores above 40 for English and Further Mathematics. I then went on to study a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Melbourne, where I majored in economics and politics & international studies. I have over 8 years of tutoring experience with primary and secondary school students, tutoring English and Mathematics. I am extremely passionate about learning and believe it is critical to not only foster a curiosity to learn within the students but to also support them in developing their ability to learn independently. I draw upon my own academic studies as well as time in the workforce to assist students in developing a well-rounded skillset to set them up for future academic and career success.

My listening skills and caring nature set me apart as I prioritise developing the student’s confidence and ability to learn independently. My tutoring experience has brought me into contact with students of greatly varying academic ability, which helps me in tailoring my communication.
My career experience in the Australian Public Service also allows me to provide valuable input into discussions with my secondary school students that may be considering a career in the public service.


further math teacher

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