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VCE English Private Tutors in Seaholme

VCE English Tuition in Seaholme

Tutor Storm offers English tuition in Seaholme and nearby areas. 

Our English tutors are highly knowledgeable and are familiar with the current VCE English, IB English, VCE Literature, VCE English Language and VCE EAL study designs as well as University level English studies, High School English and Primary School English and Literacy.

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Reasons To Consider An English Tutor

VCE English Tutors can improve your grades and help you excel.

English is a compulsorily subject in VCE. It comes in 4 flavours: VCE English, VCE Literature and VCE English Language and VCE English As An Additional Language (EAL).

VCE English is the most common English subject. It can be broken down into VCE Units 1 and 2, and 3 and 4. The focus of VCE English Units 3 and 4, or Year 12 English, is analysing texts, essay writing and oral presentations.

Students need to read VCE English designated books and extract themes, symbolism and other elements to be used in written pieces. Essays can be analytical or creative, and students are usually given a choice depending on their preference, as to which essay question they want to answer.

Oral presentations are also worth a large amount of marks in VCE English. Here the goal is to use persuasive techniques to convince the audience of your point of view. You will be given a topic that is debated in the media, and you will be able to decide which side of the issue to argue.

VCE English Tuition In Seaholme

VCE English can be difficult – but it’s important to realise that VCE English requires practice. A VCE English tutor can help you practice your essay writing, oral presentations and can help you prepare for assessments.

VCE English tutors can be a valuable asset, teaching you everything from structure and planning, to the intricacies of the VCE English selected texts.

It’s very hard to do well in VCE English without a VCE English tutor, as you need someone to constantly give you feedback on your writing. Tutor Storm offers some of the best on demand VCE English tutors that can help you ace VCE English.

IB English Tuition In Seaholme

IB English is the equivalent of VCE English in the IB curriculum. IB English tutors likewise can be a great help to your IB English studies.

An IB English tutor can likewise guide you through your IB English texts, help you pass your IB English oral presentations and can even improve your chances at Acing the IB English assessments. The IB English tutors at Tutor Storm are incredibly talented teachers, and will offer you the support you need in your IB English studies.

VCE Literature Tutor In Seaholme

VCE Literature is another subject that fits in the VCE English group of subjects. In VCE Literature there is less structure than in VCE English, and generally you are not as restricted in how you write. VCE Literature scraps the formalised writing style of VCE English and allows you to write on tangents and get into more detailed analysis, whereas VCE English encourages you to write more concisely.

A VCE Literature tutor can help you navigate VCE Literature. VCE Literature tutors are imported as the typical English classroom mostly prepare you for the more structured format of VCE English, and for many it becomes difficult to transition to VCE Literature. A VCE Literature tutor can retrain your writing style to fit within the VCE Literature framework.  

VCE EAL Tuition In Seaholme

EAL or English As An Alternative Language is a subject that’s designed to make English studies fairer between local students and those from other countries. Only students that have 7 or less years living in English speaking countries can apply for this subject.

A VCE EAL tutor can give you a huge advantage when studying EAL. An VCE EAL tutor will be able to help with all the main assessments of VCE EAL including text response, argument analysis, creative writing, compare and contrast and presenting arguments in the oral section.

For students that struggle with gramma and spelling, a VCE EAL tutor can be particularly useful to make basic corrections in both writing and speech.

University English Tuition In Seaholme

University English is on a completely different level, and most students that transition from VCE English and related subjects struggle heavily to meet the expectations of university writing classes. This stems from the fact that the types of writing tasks in university English classes are different to the 3 main types of essays students are used to writing for VCE English: analytical essays, persuasive essays and creative essays.

A University English tutor can help you transition to University level English courses by giving you writing feedback specific to your university course. University English tutors will assess in a way that replicates your university course criteria, giving you insights into how you are performing before your university English course assessments.

High School English Tuition In Seaholme

High school English can be challenging for many students, as this is usually the first time students are required to write essays and structure their writing. A high school English tutor can help provide constructive feedback and help improve writing, presentation and analysis skills required to s\\ucceed in VCE English.

High school English tutors are often obtained too late, and students enter VCE English with a very poor foundation in writing and start to fail their writing tasks as a consequence. High school English tutors should be obtained in Year 10 as an absolute minimum, as writing is a skill that takes many years to perfect, especially for students that are more science and math orientated.

Primary School English & Literacy Tuition In Seaholme

It’s not uncommon that English tuition is started in primary school to give kids the best chance of success in English studies later in life. It’s important to instil an appreciation for books and writing in children early on, as this will last a lifetime. A primary school English tutor can be a tremendous asset to any child’s education, and can make a huge difference in high school and beyond.

The main focus of a primary school English tutor is to improve literacy. It’s super important to get kids reading as early as possible, as students that learn to read later often have a stunted education that is difficult to get back on track. A primary school English tutor can make sure your child hits the ground running when they start high school English studies.

Written by Vic

Melbourne based Private Tutor, Writer and Business Owner with a passion for teaching and helping students succeed in their academic endevours.
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