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Which university should I go to after VCE?

best university in melbourne

Posted On August 8, 2020

Melbourne has many fantastic universities, among the most highly regarded are the University of Melbourne and Monash University. RMIT, Deakin, Swinburn and Victoria University also make up major Melbourne institutes however tend to have lower entry scores.

Entry requirements are primarily determined by course popularity – which in turn is determined by university ranking, convenience, university specialisation, and career outcomes. It is worth considering that some aspects are not factored into this ranking including: years to obtain degree, price, social environment, and career support – which are definitely worth considering when choosing your degree!


The University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne has the highest ATAR requirements, and is the highest-ranking Australian university, while Monash University is a close second.

Some employers are specifically looking for graduates that have completed a higher-ranking university, especially when considering international employment. Despite this, your GPA is often more important locally, and so it can be a difficult decision.

It is always harder to obtain higher scores at higher ranking universities because the level of competition is higher. If you’re willing to work hard though, obtaining a high GPA from a high-ranking university is the best combination and will give you a significant advantage when job searching.

Private tuition is instrumental for successful entry into high ranking universities, which often require 90+ ATARs for their courses. It is also essential for obtaining the highest possible GPA, which will set you up for your graduate job searching days.

It can be difficult to find good private tutors in Melbourne, especially tutors that have recently completed your course and know the ins and outs of the curriculum. Lucky for you, Tutor Storm provides just such private tuition services.

In addition to private tutoring, Tutor Storm can guide you in your academic journey and job application process through our professional career advice services, included FREE with ALL private tuition packages.


Written by Vic
Melbourne based Private Tutor, Writer and Business Owner with a passion for teaching and helping students succeed in their academic endevours.
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