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Write For Us

Write For Us


Hello educators, teachers, tutors, students and writers! We are pleased to announce that we will be accepting guest blog posts from experts in the industry on the topics of tutoring, schooling, learning and education.

What does it take?


To write for us you will need to submit a pitch to or complete the form below outlining the following:

1. Title
2. Summary of article to be – broken down into dot point form for each paragraph
3. Please do not submit full articles initially. We need to make sure your post aligns with our site! 

Guest Post Crietria

How long does the guest post need to be?

Your post needs to be at least 1000 words.

Am I allowed do-follow links?

Yes, 1 link is allowed per article to your website. This must be a contextually relevant, natural link. In addition, we encourage you to link to other helpful resources throughout the article unrelated to your website.

What links are NOT allowed?

Links will be checked. Links to spammy, gambling, sex-related and affiliate links are not permitted.

Can I submit duplicated content?

Absolutely NOT. Your content must be original. We will run it through a plagiarism check.

Do I have to submit images/video

Images/Videos are great but not necessary. If you submit them, make sure they are high resolution. Images must be yours or you must have permission to use them. We will check this. Video is not required but strongly encouraged. 

How long does the guest post need to be?

Post must be well structured. It must have headings. Dot points work well to separate content. Please ensure superb grammar and spelling are adhered to. 

Structure / Grammar

Post must have superb grammar and spelling. If it does not we will reject the article. 

Guest Post Submission Form

Make sure all of the following will be met when you submit actual article:

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