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Our career services are the best in the business. We focus on helping young people decide on their academic path and transition into the workplace by preparing them for the job application process.   

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Career Services

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Career Advice

We can give you the load down on different careers to help you decide whether you really want to go into a particular field. 

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Pathway Options

There are many ways to get into a particular field. We can help you udnerstand your options, as some paths are can save you money, time and stress.

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Resume Help

We can help you write an A+ resume that will impress your employer and increase your chances of getting the job. 

resume help

Interview Practice

Interviews are not just dialogues. Interviewers are looking for very specific answers, character traits and interview etiquette. Practice makes perfect, and we can help simulate a real interview environment. 

Career Advice

It’s often daunting for students to make the transition from high school to university, and then from university to the workforce. Students often don’t know what they want to do in life – either they don’t know what’s out there or they are overwhelmed by all the possibilities.

It’s no secret that universities have drastically increased their offerings. There are subjects about Renaissance art, ancient history, wine tasting – the list goes on. Very few of these subjects have merit, and fewer still will land you a job, let alone a career. The reality is, the multinational consulting firm is not going to hire you if the height of your academic achievement is a gender studies degree.

The workplace is becoming more and more competitive. The 2020 pandemic, and the resulting economic catastrophe will only tighten the job market. It’s therefore important to know what the opportunities are like in the current economic environment, and what is the best way to get there is.

You should know how to get your foot in the door – whether that is securing an internship or joining a grad program. You should know the firms in the industry like the back of your hand and you should know what they are looking for.

It’s never too early to start thinking about these things. If you’re serious about your future, you should start thinking about these things in high school. What is your calling in life? Perhaps there is no definitive answer, but there should be at least some options, at least a general direction that is consistent with your interests and current opportunities.

Tutor Storm aims to unpack where you stand, and give professional career advice about which career we believe you are most suitable for – given your interests, personality, character; but also based on the economy, in-demand skills and emerging sectors.

Academic Pathway Options

There are many ways to get to where you want to be, many of them are suboptimal. Why would you give more years of your life and pay more money for a degree that in the end, gets you to the same goal?

It cannot be stressed how important it is to choose the right degree. Universities often do not properly disclose information regarding their degrees, and it’s imperative that you find out! Many degrees, for instance will not qualify you for any job, and instead will force you into another several years at graduate school –  and needless to say another several tens of thousands of dollars in debt.

Tutor Storm aims to break down your options. We can provide you all the information regarding the degree you need, the university’s that offer it, the grades you need, any potential scholarships and special considerations that can be granted to increase your chances of getting a place in your favourite university.

We offer in-detail comparison of the different universities and what they offer to help you make the right decision. Don’t rely on universities to give you the breakdown as they have a conflict of interest! Instead let the professionals at Tutor Storm help expel your anxiety and steer you towards your dream job.

Resume, CV & Cover Letter Help

Resumes and cover letters are the first impression you make on your employer, and can be the difference between your application standing out among thousands of others, or getting rejected within the first 15 seconds.

Employers are busy people and the amount of applications that come through is often unfathomable. Employers therefore need an easy way to differentiate applicants quickly. Enter the resume, also known as a CV. The resume gives employers an easy way to scan an applicant’s qualifying factors – education, work experience and skills.

The cover letter is a different beast altogether. Where the resume can be mostly identical for different positions, as it is largely a summary of your work experience and education, the cover letter must be specific to each position you apply for. This does not mean changing the position title and company. This means a complete makeover – an in-depth sales pitch selling you for the particular position by addressing the selection criteria.

Together a great cover letter and resume can not only allow you to move to the next stage of the interview process, but can solidify your claim as the top candidate. Tutor Storm offers resume and cover letter help. We will rework, reformat and restructure your resume and cover letter and make them a glowing example for your employer to show off.

Our resume and cover letter help service will guarantee you moving to the next stage of the interview process for any position.

Mock Interview Practice

Practically every job application has an interview process, some more rigorous than others. After being shortlisted based off your resume and cover letter, you will be invited either to an in-person interview or an online interview. Although there are many types of interviews – solo interviews, group interviews and various other spinoffs, interviewers are looking for particular traits in their interviewee.

These traits are determined by the answers you give to their questions. In this sense, it is not only important to answer correctly, but to know what is being asked to begin with. In interviewers there are many correct answers to a single question, some of which are better than others – and some answers that will immediately forfeit you the position.

Tutor Storm aims to shine light on the interview process and help you understand the kinds of answers employers are looking for. Our interview practice service allows you to complete a mock interview where we will ask questions that will be similar to the ones you can expect on your big day. We will then breakdown your answers and give you advice on how you can improve.

Our interview practice service will not only improve your interview skills, but will also make you significantly less anxious in the real interview. You will know what to expect and you won’t be nearly as nervous!

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