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Our tutoring services are second to none. Tutor Storm provides students with the confidence, knowledge and skills they need to succeed in any academic endevour! 

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Subject Tutoring

We tutor all levels and subjects at the highest standard with tutors that have completed the subjects themselves with flying colours.

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Study Skills

We teach effective study techniques. They can improve outcomes by making studying more manageable for struggling students. 

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Test Prep

Preparation for important SACs and Exams – revealing what to expect, how questions will be posed, how will the examiner try to trick you.

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Summary Notes

We provide summary notes to super charge your study efficiency, keep you organised and decrease last minute stress.

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Exam Technique

Exam technique is how you write your exam – order you answer questions in, how long you spend on them, etc. We teach you the secrets.

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24/7 Support

Our tutors are available to answer questions anytime, feel free to get in touch when you’re struggling with homework!

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Subject Tutoring

We offer 1 on 1 and group tutoring for various subjects. Subject tutoring entails detailed review of subject material as well as constant assessment of knowledge. This is a type of ongoing tuition that is typically taken up 1-2 times per week to help keep students keep up to date with their schoolwork.

Subject tutoring allows students to ask questions in a non-judgemental environment, and have their questions answered by expert tutors. Textbook passages can be clarified, and textbook answers can be further discussed to reassure students of their progress.

Private tutors are able to spend unlimited time with students, really making sure they understand concepts and are confident with their knowledge. School teachers often do not have time to divide between students, and sometimes lack the knowledge to discuss complicated subject matters.

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Test Preparation

Tests, SACs and exams can be menacing to students. Half the challenge is knowing what to expect. Our expert private tutors have completed the subjects themselves and therefore can give insight into potential questions.

Often assessors are not only looking for correct answers, but are also looking for questions to be answered in a certain way. For instance, in the sciences, examiners are looking for the use of scientific language. In math, examiners are looking for working out and in the humanities there is an emphasis on structure, language and writing style. It is important to know what examiners are looking for to succeed in tests.

Our private tutors will be able to give you an immense advantage, giving you the tools you need to outrank your classmates. You’ll know what to expect, the trick questions to watch out for and how to get every last mark.

Exam Technique

Knowledge can only get you so far in an exam. Much of a student’s success in an exam comes from their exam technique. Exam technique is how you write the exam: which questions you priorititse, how much time you allocate each question, how you spend your reading time, how you check your answers after completing the exam. These factors can mean the difference between an A+ and a C+.

It’s important to keep student’s focused on marks, not questions. The amount of marks a question is worth determines not only how much time you should spend on it, but whether it is a priority question or whether it can be left for later. There is no sense in wasting time on a difficult question that can not be justified by the allocated marks.

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Study Skills

Give a man fish and you feed him for one day, teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. Study skills are necessary for students to succeed. Unfortunately, many students have poor study skills and this can impede their success.

Study skills include time management, organisation, and learning techniques to not only speed up your learning but help you remember key concepts. Having good study skills can make learning more manageable and can result in improved academic performance.

Our private tutors can teach you these study skills, that will help you learn material quickly and efficiently. It’s time to get on top of your study – be organised, study effectively.

Summary Notes

Summary notes help you study for tests, SACs and exams. Good summary notes can significantly improve your quality of study. Summary notes need to be complete with all essential information, but must also be organised to help students study efficiently.

Our private tutors write the best summary notes in Melbourne. We provide detailed summary notes for all subjects. These notes are provided on demand for any given topic within a subject.

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24/7 Support

Upon signing up to our ongoing private tutoring, you will have 24/7 support from your tutor. You can ask questions, clarifications and more; and get timely responses via phone call, text or email. Our private tutors are committed to helping you achieve the best possible marks.

Our support is something you will not find at other private tutoring companies. We believe this is an indispensable part of achieving better marks. Having an expert tutor just one phone call away can make a huge difference and can save you a whole lot of stress before a test.

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We hire only the very best Tutors

Our tutors are vetted for communication current knowledge, academic accomplishment, and a current working with children check before they are hired. Rest assured you are getting only the very best in the business!

Learn From The Comfort of Home!

We offer in home services both in-person and online. Tutoring should be convenient – concentrate on your grades while we take care of the rest!
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