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Private Tuition, Assignment help & Career Services for Primary School, High School & University students. 

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About Us

Tutor Storm is a Private Tutoring & Career Services Company that prides itself on its professionalism and exceptional level of service.

We specialise in delivering private and group tuition, as well as assignment help to Melbourne Primary School, High School and University level students. 

We also offer a range of Career Services to help you secure your dream job – including resume writing, cover letter writing, mock interviews and career consulatation. 


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Our Mission 

To inspire young people to live a life of purpose. 

Our Vision

To prepare young people for the future by paving them a path through knowledge and experience.

Best Private Tutors in Melbourne

Great private tutors are hard to come by. They need specific skills. They not only need to be experts in their respective subjects, but they need be able to communicate this information and make it accessible to students. There are many talented academics but very few of them can teach effectively.

Tutor Storm aims to bridge the gap between the most knowledgeable private tutors and those with outstanding teaching abilities. Our goal is to make students understand what they are learning, not just help them regurgitate facts and quotes.

Our private tutors are handpicked and rigorously tested for knowledge and communication. We ask that they provide academic records and background checks before they are hired. This ensures you receive the very best private tutors in Melbourne!

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Home Tuition Services 

We are focused on bringing our home tuition services to you. Our private tutors travel to you, wherever you are. We have tutors all over Melbourne that can meet you at your home, school, university or at the local library. We also have online tuition services that allow us to provide the same high level of service through video call and virtual whiteboard software. 

Our home tuition services can save you stress and time when organising tuition for your child. Let us meet you at your most convenient location! 

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Our Tutors Are Highly Qualified

Through higher studies, through the appreciation of ideas, and through a deeper understanding of the world –
we challenge you to become the most ambitious version of yourself.

All of our tutors are carefully selected

Minimum 3 Years Experience
Proven High Achiever
Passed Communication Test
Passed Current Knowledge Test
Working With Children Check
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Humanities/ Languages

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Most reputable Private Tutors in Melbourne.

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Assignment Help Services

Struggling to complete your assignments? Tutor Storm offers reasonably priced assignment help for any high school or university subject in Melbourne. Get in contact, send through your assignment and we will give you a quote. 

Work with us to complete your assignment as we walk you through it, or let us take care of it for you completely – completely up to you. We can help you write essays, finish your math assignments, complete your scientific reports or help you tackle any number of difficult assignments. 

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Your Dream Job Awaits

Don’t risk it, you only have 1 shot to apply for your dream job. Let us help you put forward a job application they can’t refuse. 

Career Services

Resume Writing
Cover Letter Writing
Interview Practice
Career Consultation

 Resume Writing

At Tutor Storm our ultimate goal is to help you secure your dream job and live a life of purpose. Our tuition services can help you get the grades you need, but ultimately our career services will help you impress your potential employers. 

We offer resume writing help. We will write you the perfect resume to impress your would-be employer. Resumes are one of the most important aspects of a job application as they create first impressions that can stick with employers for the entire interview process. Resumes need to be used to effectively sell your skills and experience – even if you haven’t got an extensive work history. 

We will take care of everything – from matching up your skills with the job criteria to polishing the aesthetic of your resume. Just give us the job advert and fill us in on your education and work experience, and we will do the rest!  


 Cover Letter Writing

 Cover letters make up an essential part of the job application process – and an outstanding cover letter can put you ahead of other applicants, even if you do not have as much experience. A cover letter allows you to explain not only why you want to work for your dream company, but also why you are the best candidate. Use it to sell your best qualities and match them to the job description. 

At Tutor Storm we have a proficient team of writers that know exactly what would-be employers are looking for in a cover letter. Our cover letter writing service guarantees a cover letter that ticks all the boxes and stands out among thousands. Your employer will not only be impressed but will have a warm predisposition to you from the very beginning. 


Can you drive to us?

Yes, but sometimes this will incur a travel fee. All of our tutors have their own means of personal transport.

Do your tutors possess valid WWC?

Yes, all of our tutors possess valid and up to date Working With Children Checks (WWC).  

Do you offer online Tuition?

Yes, as well as in person tuition, we also offer online help via skype and an interactive whiteboard software.

Where are you located?

Our tutors are located all over Melbourne & surrounding areas. In most instances we are happy to travel to you!

Am I locked into Direct Debit?

 No, we use direct debit only to streamline our administration. You can Freeze or Cancel at ANY time. Please email or text us to begin this process. Please note that tuition cancellations within 24 hours will NOT be refunded. 

Can I take Assignment Help without Tuition?

Yes, please enquire via text/email.

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